8-Bit Fish

I would like to announce few big things. First off, we would like to welcome Dean back to the states. He has spent the last four to five months chilling with movie stars, playing tons of shows and flying through hurricanes. 

After a good week of sleep, Mind Fish will continue to work on what will become the next album. Until then, we are fortunate enough to announce a fan made album in the style of 8-bit video games available for free download. Courtesty of Dylan Roberts (Flapjackage).

Download it for free: http://themindfish.bandcamp.com/album/8-bit-fish-2 

we miss you too, 

<3 TMF

Any Press Is Good Press

From getting a write up on baeblemusic.com to getting posted on a food blog, Mind Fish video release for "Can't Contrl At All" has been a success. 
Check out a few of the press clippings:






<3 TMF

The Sound Of Confusion

This awesome UK-based blog Sound Of Confusion picked & posted "Can't Control At All" as the number 1 video on it's weekly round up of new releases! Check it out http://thesoundofconfusionblog.blogspot.co.uk/

On Spotify

 - Enjoy

In The Studio

 Birthday Cake & Icecream 

Birthday Cake & Icecream

- Enjoy 


- Enjoy 


Hold onto your butts everyone and watch our bassist Trent Rissover lay down some tracks for the new album WATCHOUT!


Recorded by Steven Van Dyne 
Vocals Recorded by Steven Warstler 
Mixed/Mastered by Steven Warstler 
Song by Dean Tartaglia 
Starring Zach Reutz from GOLD & John Hammond from Tropic Bombs



That’s right, out on Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and our website (themindfish.com) on Tuesday January 24th. 
We have a SLEW of CD release show dates being lined up as we speak, the first of which will take place Saturday January 28th at Frankie’s (in Toledoh!).

This is the facebook event


Come find us, or our friends GOLD and The Strong Talk before hand for a presale ticket for only $8. Anyone who walks through the door will get a FREE ALBUM

The cover will look something like this….

Hey, if you don’t have New Years Eve Eve plans, come watch us “Warm up for the Winter” at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh. We are playing with our friends The Beauregards on 12/30 (It’s a Friday Night)…

Stay tuned for a lot of different Mind Fish tracks coming out of the vault this month, including a special Demo’s compilation and a special Christmas song!

For now, we take you back, two and a half years ago to Mind Fish’s second recorded work (and perhaps my favorite), the “Ooo, Who” EP.


Cheers 'n' all that




Big things on the horizon for The Mind Fish.

We are playing Athens Ohio, Halloween Oct. 29th which has to our knowledge is the most happening densely populated halloween block party in the midwest. Put on your costumes and join us on the mainstage on E. State and Court.

The weekend after on Nov. 5th we will be playing a show with national act Electric 6. We have tickets for sale at $10 each (and we are willing to hand deliver them), or you can purchase them on ticketmaster.

We recently got a couple good write ups on Speak Into My Good Eye and A write up in Spains Monasterio De Cultura.

Lastly, Mind Fish shot its first music video in Athens Ohio. It will be sometime before its released.

Support Rock Music

Back in the winter of 2011, Mind Fish began recording our first full length studio album with assistance from well respected producer, Eddie Ashworth (Sublime, Dokken, Great White, The High Strung and many more ). As August ended we found the recording process to be completed. The studio process was a fascinating experience, but the next step of our journey is what we hope to be the most amazing part!

We want to professionally master the album through Peerless Mastering in Boston. After this process we are going to press 1,000 copies of the full length album for physical distribution. As you probably know, this isn't the cheapest step in the recording process, and will run us a pretty penny. We will be heading out on the road for about fifteen plus shows over the next two months (September-November) to promote the album and give out two new songs at our shows. The travels will help fund our project to a modest extent, but Kickstarter seemed like the perfect option for us. Not only is it a great forum to gain support for a project such as this, but it is also an incredible tool for us to give back to the people who have supported us for the past three years. 

Thank you and Check out our Kickstart page -> Here  

Tambourine Toss

Sure, why not?

First Post! 

Hi this is Dean from The Mind Fish and welcome to themindfish.com. We are excited to start using our new website as a forum to let you know about news in our lives, upcoming gigs, new music releases, and overall as a way to become more connected to the people who show us support... Go ahead and listen to our two new songs off our upcoming LP (entitled Watch Out!), produced by Eddie Ashworth. Check the rest of the site out, and stay tuned for more updates to come up very soon. I love you all... I REALLY do!

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